Bad Bot Report 2021

The Pandemic of the Internet

This year’s report is the first one published since the full integration of Advanced Bot Protection (formerly Distil) into Imperva’s Application Security Platform. This integration not only enables better performance, but also provides us with a vastly larger data set. This means that data in this report is different from the data presented in previous editions in the following ways:

      • Larger volume of data: Significantly more traffic flowed through the system in 2020 than in previous years. The outcome is that the law of large numbers causes slight changes in the statistics. This created challenges for making comparisons to previous years’ data.
      • Higher volume of simple threats: As an integrated platform that includes two layers of bot protection — basic bot protection through Imperva’s Cloud WAF and Advanced Bot Protection — simple bots are already blocked by Cloud WAF, while Advanced Bot Protection handles the moderate and sophisticated threats. Compared to prior years, this makes for a larger portion of simple bots when dissected by sophistication levels.
      • New highlight detection feature: The tool developed by the Threat Research Labs allows us to track noteworthy events and provide important insights

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