Contract Analytics - The Key to Unlocking Business Value within Contracts for All Stakeholders

Understand the power of contract analytics and how to unlock the business value within those contracts with this whitepaper.


Contract lifecycle management (CLM) and contract analytics are inherently intertwined, or are just beginning to converge. Understanding the differences between these solution types is a critical distinction for any business leader because contract analytics are the key to unlocking the business value within contracts.

CLM systems have basic analytics capabilities which help businesses extract obligations and pricing models so they can be actively managed, but they won’t answer questions like, “Does the termination for convenience clause require a minimum notice period in advance of the termination?”

Download this white paper to learn the differences between CLM systems and contract analytics, including the unique problems that only contract analytics solutions can solve and the key benefits investing in this technology can bring to businesses. It also covers:

  • 3 key use cases for contract analytics
  • How contract analytics can unlock business value across the entire agreement lifecycle
  • Thetactical and strategic benefits for businesses

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