Data innovation in open banking with Red Hat OpenShift and Quarkus

James Falkner, Red Hat Runtimes Product Marketing Director, Red Hat
Eero Arvonen, Strategic Architect, Suomen Asiakastieto Oy

Asiakastieto provides data innovations to support the banking, e-commerce, financial services, and retail sectors with risk management, finance, decision making, sales, and marketing services. Asiakastieto’s clients rely on the timely analysis of financial data to help determine risk and reduce indebtedness and instances of loan defaults from customers. Asiakastieto recently implemented open banking using Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Integration, and Quarkus to quickly build a new credit assessment application, and as a result, saw a 95% improvement in deployment cycles and significantly improved resource utilization of applications running on OpenShift. These improvements have allowed Asiakastieto to address new opportunities in a highly regulated yet competitive market.

In this session, Asiakastieto and Red Hat will share their experiences building these new applications on open Red Hat technology, how it is improving their time to market, and their ideas for furthering innovation in open banking.

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