Data Sheet

Critical Event Management

For today’s organizations, the threat of disruptions that critically impact people and business is unavoidable. Whether you’re dealing with operational interruptions, network outages, cyber attacks, emergency incidents or workflow disruptions of any kind, BlackBerry® Alert provides all-around protection for your business with centralized, up-to-date information, communication and analytics.

By using BlackBerry Alert, your organization is ready to effectively manage, respond to and recover from any critical event, including the ones that pose the biggest risks to your business and people.


        • T & Cyber Incidents: Quickly communicate system outages, cyber attack responses and other planned or unplanned network downtime
        • Emergency Situations: Receive warning of natural disasters, power outages, accidents or criminal activity, and keep people updated as the situation changes.
        • Operational Resillience: Identify threats, coordinate responses, and mobilize staff to keep operations on track and business running as usual.
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