Driving Product Innovation and Operational excellence through Red Hat Openshift

Ashok Bajaj, Managing Solutions Architect, Capgemini
Rishi Kulkarni, Sr. Director, Capgemini

In this session we’ll take a closer look at how Red Hat Openshift can be leveraged as an E2E cloud-native transformation engine to develop cutting-edge solutions, drive rapid product innovation, and significantly reduce total cost of ownership. We will demonstrate real-life customer examples of key industry use cases and XaaS use cases that were accelerated by deploying Capgemini’s assets in the Red Hat Openshift ecosystem. Join our session and learn how our clients were able to drive business outcomes: – Improved lead time – Optimization of inventory tracking – Forecasting accuracy – Enhanced planning capabilities Cost reductions by: – Reduction in support staff – Shorter development cycle – Increased release velocity – Improved defect detection – Reduced manual steps

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