Facilitating Secure Journeys to the Cloud with the Contrast Application Security Platform

Enterprises vary widely in the extent and maturity of their cloud deployments. What they all share, however, are deep and pervasive security challenges throughout their cloud journeys. Cloud architects and CloudOps teams struggle to accurately assess the risk of interdependent applications and application components. They are not sure how to best refactor application security as they transition from on-premises to cloud hosting or from private to public clouds. And they lack effective means to secure rapidly proliferating and potentially at-risk application programming interfaces (APIs) in multiple public and private clouds.

Implementing DevSecOps principles can help overcome these and other obstacles. The Contrast Application Security Platform offers a uni­ed approach to DevSecOps that maximizes DevOps and CloudOps ef­ciencies. Combining security instrumentation and continuous testing with runtime application self-protection (RASP), the Contrast solution enables automated application security at scale.

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