Gartner Newsletter: ModelOps from edge to hybrid clouds

Solving the complexities of the AI lifecycle requires ModelOps, an approach to synchronizing app and model development. Explore the latest trends, best practices and insights on ModelOps in this IBM newsletter featuring complimentary Gartner Research.

        1. Read the Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, July 2020. Learn:
            • How to assess AI-specific maturity and adoption
            • How AI investment strategies have changed since the onset of Covid-19
        1. Read Innovation Insight for ModelOps, August 2020. See:
            • How ModelOps reduces the time it takes to move AI from pilot to production
            • Why a ModelOps strategy helps improve the performance, scalability and reliability of AI models
        1. Get insights from Seth Dobrin, IBM’s Chief Data Officer, on ModelOps and see videos, success stories and webinars.


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