Harvard Business Review Analytic Services: Finance’s Key Role in Building the Data-Driven Enterprise

The digital future is here. Workday is ready for you.
At many finance organisations, the digital future is still a long way off.

When manual data entry and processes, paper receipts and Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets are the status quo, a change is needed.

Read “Finance’s Key Role in Building the Data-Driven Enterprise” for findings from the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services survey of 163 finance leaders and interviews with KPMG, Florida Atlantic University, TD Ameritrade and Babson College.

Discover what finance leaders can do to help finance reclaim its role as steward of enterprise data and go-to authority on analytics.

“One of the things that we may not have anticipated when we moved to the cloud was the increased ability for users to innovate; once they got a little bit of their time back, we started to see more of an innovative culture. It really outpaced our expectations.”

Matt McGoldrick

Chief of Staff to the CFO at TD Ameritrade

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