API-led connectivity: How UPC Insurance accelerated project delivery

Custom code and legacy systems create complexity and negatively impact project delivery speed in insurance. Taking an API-led connectivity approach helps IT teams deliver critical projects, faster.

Hear firsthand from the CIO of UPC Insurance about how MuleSoft’s API-led approach helps increase the speed and agility of their IT teams.

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This webinar is sponsored by Green Irony.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Key insurance industry trends to address during COVID-19.
  • How to evaluate buy vs. build strategies, and their impact on IT delivery speed and cost.
  • How MuleSoft helps UPC integrate with multiple partners and data sources.


Presented by:
  • Alexander Solomon, Global Industry Marketing Lead, MuleSoft
  • Chris Griffith, CIO, UPC
  • Aaron Shook, Founder and CEO, Green Irony