How the Provincial Council of Groningen streamlined there onboarding and offboarding

Today’s society requires a provincial government that carefully examines its various roles, and that gives people, municipalities, civil-society organizations, and businesses confidence in the Groningen Provincial Council. The council forms the administrative link between the national government and the municipalities.

The 1,200 employees do their best every day to ensure that policies are implemented as smoothly as possible in the various policy areas: from healthcare to economy, from art and culture to spatial planning. This requires an organization that functions smoothly.

Until recently, the onboarding, changes, and offboarding of employees went through an outdated, self-developed solution that could no longer support the processes. Consequently, the Province of Groningen decided to find an efficient and effective solution, which they found in Ivanti.

Read the case study to learn how you can successfully streamline onboarding and offboarding processes and:

  • Provide a productive day one to new employees
  • Improve security by revoking access rights automatically upon termination of employment
  • Enable independent management of users with user-friendly software