White Paper: Lack of Security Observability Thwarts Application Security

A Shortage of Timely, Actionable Information Impedes Decision-Making

As applications become increasingly essential to businesses, organizations need real-time, actionable data about associated vulnerabilities and attacks. Unfortunately, legacy application security tools lack the observability capabilities necessary to quickly and easily provide this contextual information.

This, in turn, results in a cycle of late identification of vulnerabilities, slow remediation, and mounting security debt. Organizations struggle to prevent intrusions that impact their operations, brand reputation, and the bottom line.

Read this white paper to learn how legacy application security approaches:

        • Inhibit measurement and improvement of application security
        • Provide incomplete information for strategic planning and investment decisions
        • Complicate compliance efforts through requisite manual reporting workflows with fewer business benefits from achieving standards.
        • Hamper internal and external communications—especially in a crisis situation, such as an attack
        • Create operational inefficiencies that redirect security team resources from strategic objectives
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