Mitigation of Strategic Ransomware Threats with Mandiant Managed Defense

Ransomware attacks have rapidly increased in frequency and severity since 2017. What was initially considered a nuisance has been adopted by sophisticated attackers in complex, multi-phased attacks that combine data encryption with the threat of data exposure. In this same timeframe, these actors expanded from widely seeding this malware threat to targeting specific organizations and industries—including whole cities. Today, the total costs of a ransomware attack can climb into the millions of dollars.

This evolved threat has driven many organizations to assess, develop and update potential anti-ransomware tactics to accelerate their response. An effective managed detection and response (MDR) capability, such as Mandiant Managed Defense, can mitigate the risk of threats like ransomware that are strategically deployed by APT groups, and assure your C-suite and board of directors that security capabilities are in place. Achieving these capabilities in house can take time and resources.

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