Mobile Spyware: The rise of Pegasus and the challenge of securing the modern workplace

Pegasus was first identified in 2016 as mobile-targeted spyware by researchers after it had been used in a targeted attack against a social activist. Subsequently, Pegasus has made the headlines multiple times, most recently on the back of a report from Forbidden Labs claiming the software continues to be used by governments to target journalists, activists and dissidents.

Inevitably, this has caused a stir in the security community, prompting organizations of all sizes to review their mobile security strategy.

In the webinar, Michael Covington, VP of Product Strategy, discusses:

  • An overview of Pegasus, from its origins to its modern variants;
  • The impact Pegasus, and other risky mobile apps, are having on businesses around the globe;
  • Recommendations on how to protect against mobile threats and zero-day attacks.

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