Plan to Win: Achieving Business Agility in the Age of Urgency

By: Workday

Type: eBook

Plan to Win reflects the collected experience and wisdom gained from working with thousands of companies, the insights of CFOs and FP&A practitioners, and other thought leaders, as well as research on how planning impacts business performance. The book sets forth a clear vision for where strategic business planning is headed and the impact it can have on your organization. 


Use this eBook as a guide to embrace a new model of business agility, in which planning and execution converge into an entirely new discipline—an ongoing, closed feedback loop of planning, execution, measurement, and adjustment.

Chapter highlights:

Chapter 3: Active planning: a new model for business agility

Chapter 4: The central role of finance in business agility

Chapter 5: Driving better planning throughout the organization

Chapter 9: Agility, AI, and machine learning – preparing to capitalize on the future

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