Plume’s CEM Platform by the numbers

This paper graphically explains the total cost of ownership for Plume’s Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform to help Communications Service Providers understand the benefit of transforming from legacy solutions to Plume s agile, cloud-based services delivery platform. There are certain challenges with legacy solutions, for instance, an increasing number of single-play customers leading to higher churn, difficulty in updating systems, etc. The Plume CEM Platform allows you to deploy new services that increase stickiness and add new monthly revenue, increasing customer lifetime by 30% and lifetime value per customer by 70%.

Here are few benefits of Plume’s CEM Platform-

  • Increased ARPU up to $15
  • Increased lifetime value per customer up to $2K
  • Increased customer lifetime up to 2.9 Years.

Access the paper to know more…

“Plume® is the creator of the world’s first SaaS experience platform for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and their subscribers, deployed in more than 30 million locations globally. As the only open and hardware-independent, cloud-controlled solution, Plume enables the rapid delivery of new services for smart homes, small businesses, and beyond at massive scale. On the front end, Plume delivers self-optimizing WiFi, cyber-security, access and parental controls, and more. CSPs get robust data- and AI-driven back-end applications for unprecedented visibility, insights, support, operations, and marketing. Plume leverages OpenSync™, an open-source framework that comes pre-integrated and supported on the leading silicon, CPE, and platform SDKs.”

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