Recalculating the Value of a Modern System of Agreement

Learn how your company can create end-to-end digital agreement workflows that can deliver as much as 4x the value of eSignature solutions alone and be completed on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.

Agreements have always been fundamental to business. But there’s more to those agreements than the final exchange of money, goods and services. Today, a streamlined system of agreement offers plenty of opportunity to create additional value for your organization. By digitizing agreement workflows that previously relied on physical proximity and manual processing, you can save time and money and create new benefits.

Download this whitepaper to explore the new ways today’s organizations are generating value with additional digital agreement technology. You’ll learn:

  • 6 key business drivers that impact a business and how modern agreement technology delivers value
  • How contract lifecycle management (CLM) and contract analytics complement electronic signature to create deeper value
  • How today’s leading tools can look inside agreements to analyze the contents
  • The transactional and platform impacts and benefits of an improved agreement process



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