Responding Smarter, Faster and Better

How critical event management enhances cyber incident recovery

The demands on security leaders are the most intense they’ve been in recent history. Increasingly intricate systems, the accelerating shift to the cloud, the shift to remote work, and more sophisticated external threats have created the perfect storm.

Responding effectively to major incidents now requires more than human expertise, diligence, and manual processes. When systems are compromised or shut down and vital business data is unavailable, every second lost can have costly and far[1]reaching effects.

Beyond rare global emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic – which sparked a 35% rise in cyber attack volume, according to Microsoft – security leaders constantly confront severe incidents:

        • Cybersecurity threats are relentless, evolving, and inevitable – even for the most skilled and experienced security teams
        • Other frequent disruptions include outages, critical vulnerabilities, software updates and new releases, and human error 

The traditional, compartmentalized incident response approach used in most security operations isn’t working anymore. Many organizations are using security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, often in combination with other tools that offer incident management.

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