State of Social Media and CX: Key Insights From Q1 2021

Socialbakers’ Q1 2021 Social Media and Customer Experience Trends Report takes an in-depth look at the growing value of customer interactions, as well as the data in paid, organic, and influencer marketing that marketers need to know in order to produce stellar CX in 2021.

The impact of social media on the pre- and post-purchase consumer journey, as well as the importance of empathy in closing the CX divide, are among the report’s highlights. The Socialbakers data also shows a 60 percent rise in digital ad expenditure year over year, as well as geographic and industry-specific ad reach and CPC breakdowns.

The study also discusses changes in influencer marketing, such as the use of #ads and which types of influencers have increased their interactions over the previous year.

Delivering excellent customer service has never been more critical, and this report provides marketers with the information and data they need to make decisions that will favor their customers and help them achieve their objective of putting the customer first.

Download the full report here, State of Social Media and CX: Key Insights from Q1 2021.

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