Successfully launch cloud-native services

Modernize your business infrastructure with Red Hat and Amdocs

Modernizing your operations and business support systems (OSS and BSS) can help you increase flexibility, speed, and innovation to become a successful digital service provider (DSP). Container-based microservices architectures let you transform your OSS and BSS and build an adaptable foundation for the future. These cloud-native frameworks bring elastic scalability, higher reliability, and greater efficiency to your services and operations.

Red Hat and Amdocs can help you adopt cloud-native operations with less risk; deploying traditional, containerized, and microservices-based applications on a single cross-infrastructure platform; move workloads to the infrastructure — physical, virtual, or cloud — that makes the most sense at any time. As well as simplify development with built-in, standard tools and a unified, user-friendly interface. Take advantage of expert support and service offerings to create a strategy for transformation, implement technology and processes, train your staff, and optimize operations.

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