Take Charge of Your Hardware Refresh Plan

Increase Efficiency & Cost Savings While Reducing Disruptions

You have carefully planned your organization’s hardware refresh

and you’re counting on the advantages it will bring to your IT department. But now the CFO is pushing back. Is this refresh really necessary? Can you justify this expense? Why does the refresh have to happen this year? All good questions that you have already answered for yourself. However, your directive today is to reduce CapEx and OpEx spending. Let’s evaluate the strategy behind the traditional OEM refresh cycle and identify cost-saving options to consider for your hardware refresh plan.

How to plan for a hardware refresh?

  • Take a strategic look at your current plan: address infrastructure needs and specific objectives.
  • Consider timing and frequency of your hardware refresh cycle: target disruptive coverage gaps and determine cost-cutting tactics.
  • Rethink the 3-year refresh cycle: consider another option from OEM hardware. Compare your options.
  • Determine how equipment reliability impacts your refresh decisions through failure rate data.