EMA Top 3 Report on Ten Priorities for enabling secure access to enterprise IT services

EMA Top 3 reports identify the leading priorities organizations face with resolving challenges and meeting enterprise requirements in particular ITmanagement focus areas. The intent of this report is to inform and inspire influencers and decision-makers in their project planning and vendor selection process.

Enterprise productivity, profitability, and success in meeting business objectives are dependent on the ability of workforces to access and utilize the applications, data, email, and other IT services necessary to complete job tasks. However, pressures to give an increasingly mobile workforce access to IT services distributed across a variety of public and private hosting environments have significantly challenged organizations.

This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) decision guide is intended to provide actionable advice on the best practices and solutions organizations should adopt to empower end-user productivity while minimizing risk profiles when enabling secure access to business ITresources.

Why You Should Read This Research Report

IT managers, security officers, and line of business managers will gain key insights into the following areas:

  • Understand the end-user computing forces that are shaping today’s workforce performance
  • Identify the most important considerations for adopting best practices and solutions for enabling secure access to business IT services
  • Determine the top 3 platforms available today for each recommendation