The Role of DDI in SASE Deployments

  • The perimeter of enterprise networks is rapidly expanding, and edge computing is on the rise—both of which expose limitations in traditional on-premises and SD-WAN deployment models. As the growth in these areas accelerates, the need for SASE-based cloud-delivered networks and security services increases as well. To realize the full benefits of SASE, ZK Research recommends that organizations:
        • Embrace the cloud for networking—SASE enables the delivery of robust cloud and network services anywhere an organization does business without the headaches of on-premises infrastructure. 
        • Deploy a DDI solution as the foundation of SASE—the core network services of DHCP, DHS and IPAM are critical components for transitioning the WAN.
        • Consider Infoblox solutions—the combination of the BloxOne platform and corresponding SaaS applications ensure organizations operate more efficiently and securely.
        • The Role of DDI in SASE Deployments 
        • As organizations continue to make progress on digital transformation objectives, it’s becoming clear that legacy networks are a technology bottle neck. This new white paper from ZK Research shows that SASE can take SD-WANs to the next level with the integration of security and the shift to cloud-native platform.
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