Thinking beyond the third-party cookie

Your complete guide to a world without third-party cookies.

Marketing is changing in a seminal way driven by consumer expectations, privacy regulations, and the walled gardens. Those changes disrupt the cookie-based operating model in three ways:

1) prospecting
2) personalization
3) advertising

To win tomorrow every marketer needs to develop a new operating model based on “People Based Identifiers” usually emails from registered consumers. Migrating to a People Based Operating Model hinges on a marketer’s ability to

        • Analyze the customer journey across your business to identify the “ant trails” leading prospects to become registered customers.
        • Employ real-time personalization on your sites that direct prospects on every click toward those registration ant trails.
        • Once registered put customers on orchestrated journeys to maximize LTV and minimize attrition.
        • Amplify the people-based identifiers you have via graph partners then activate them in advertising and attribution.

The POI on this cookieless core offer is for AAM/RTCDP, however, there are other routes for AQL qualification to include CJA (to determine consumer paths to providing an ID with consent), CDP/Target/AEP Activation (nudging customers onto those successful paths on each click), CJO (customer journeys that keep those IDs once you get them).

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